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Connecting Broken People To The Transforming God.


Biblical Teaching - Preparing and equipping the broken for growth through the inspired Word of God.


Responsive Worship - Choosing to glorify God with genuine actions and attitudes of adoration.


Investing in Families – Connecting the community by providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere.


Discipleship – Continuous and purposeful learning and application of scripture, which occurs with accountability.


Great Commission – Living out the transforming Word of God by sharing our story with the broken world.


Empowered Prayer – A conversation with God, led by the Holy Spirit, in which we seek discernment and His will.


Sunday School @ 9:00 AM

Worship Service @ 10:30 AM

El Puente Spanish Service @ 9:00 AM

What We 

Explore the core values that are taught here at The Bridge Church.  Click the link below to read more about our core values.

Knowing Christ

If you would like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or Learn more about Christ and who He is please click the link below.

Prayer Request

If you are in need of prayer send us a message down below or email